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Enhancing Patient Safety through Digital Innovation: The Missing Links

At a time when the potential of technological innovation to improve patient safety and patient outcomes is increasingly undeniable, tangible results are still a long way off. What are the missing links that prevent the vision of breakthrough digital solutions from translating into genuine improvements in patient safety and outcomes? How can we engage medical teams suffering from staff shortages, undermined by chronic fatigue and overwhelmed by the growing demand for care, to implement changes and redesign their working habits?

Key sessions

Enhancing Patient Safety through Digital Innovation: The Missing Links

  • Outline digital innovation’s safety enhancements and potential new risks in care delivery
  • Identify obstacles and enablers for integrating digital innovations in healthcare
  • Discuss required policies, management approaches, and training for implementing digital innovations with a view to improving patient safety

How the fatigue and wellbeing of the healthcare professionals interact with the uptake and implementation of technologies?

  • Patient safety risks associated with fatigue of the healthcare professionals
  • Discussion of the impact of new technologies on workload and mental burden: risks and benefits
  • Desire for technology innovation compared to healthcare professionals’ needs and expectations for their work
  • Possible ways to move forward

Using innovative technology to empower caregivers and patients to improve patient safety and outcomes

  • Improvements, but also the additional risks that technology used for training purposes can bring in terms of patient safety and outcomes
  • Barriers and enablers to the use of technology (simulation equipment and software, video platform, virtual reality) in HCP training programmes or patient preparation procedures
  • Steps that need to be taken at each level (policy, hospital administration, health professional, etc.) to move forward and optimise the use of technology (incentives, precautions, conditions of implementation)

Reducing medication errors with digital management and support systems

  • Improvements in medication safety and potential new risks introduced by digital management systems
  • Barriers and facilitators for adopting digital support systems
  • Policies, management strategies, and training required for effective implementation of digital medication management systems

Advancing patient safety through Telemedecine

  • Highlight telemedicine’s safety improvements and potential risks in patient care
  • Identify adoption barriers and facilitators for telemedicine use
  • Discuss policies, management strategies, and professional training needed for telemedicine

Improving patient safety and outcomes in the continuity of care with the help of digital technologies based on AI-derived algorithms

  • Patient Safety benefits and additional risks
  • Cultural challenges to overcome
  • Conditions for efficient implementation and safe use

Featured speakers

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Each year in a different country

To drive a change for the better quality of care, we need to take into account the realities and cultural diversity of European healthcare environments. This is why the EUPSF Patient Safety Conferences, held annually in different countries, support and promote the work of local and national partners actively engaged in patient safety, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and good practice within the network and to contribute to a coordinated improvement in patient safety and quality of care across Europe.


2023 Vienna




We are excited to invite you to join us for the upcoming Patient Safety Conference in Madrid.
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 Registration is now open for all EUPSF Affiliates. Simply contact EUPSF Secretariat and all registration instructions will be provided.

If you are not currently affiliated with EUPSF, we have created a special category – EUPSF Fellows – for individuals who wish to discover and connect with our work and network by participating in the conference.

The registration of EUPSF Fellows will open on 15 July 2024.



You will find in this sessions topics that will be discussed at the conference thanks to insightful articles that will be regularly posted online.

Until we are ready, you can also consult the 2023 and 2022 conference articles in this section.

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What People Say?


What they said about last year event?

I had the opportunity to present the National action plan on patient safety in Sweden during the EUPSF Conference. Patient Safety is a foundation within our healthcare system and the EUPSF Conference provided a valuable opportunity to present our national work to a wide European audience.

Bruno ZieglerMedical Officer, Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare

The EUPSF conference was an engaging event that we were very pleased to be part of. Great discussions about how we can advance patient safety as a clinical and industry team! Thank you for involving us.

Kenneth OsbaeckMedtronic

I was delighted to participate in the 2022 EUPSF conference, which highlighted that patient safety is critical in improving patient outcomes. This can only be achieved when patients are involved at every step of their pathway.

Annabell MerklinPatient Advocacy, Sr. Manager at Edwards Lifesciences

What an incredible day it has been! I am grateful to the EUPSF for connecting us all and amplifying the visibility of our work!

Radoslav HerdaSlovak Patient Association

Co-organizing the Patient Safety Conference with EUPSF was a great experience. The exceptional collaboration with a skilled and efficient EUPSF team added a new dimension to our annual conference. It successfully bridged the gap between the European and local perspectives, enabling us to address common challenges, share best practices, and foster cooperation.

Matthias HellströmFOKUS Patient® Sweden