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European conference and platform
for patient safety best practices

European Patient Safety Foundation (EUPSF) is an independent foundation, uniting experts and leading organisations to drive patient safety forward across Europe.

Every year, in addition to other campaigns and actions , EUPSF organises a conference dedicated to patient safety key issues and latest developments.

Our conferences aim to:

  • Strengthen and empower the network of leading organisations and individuals across Europe striving for the improvement of patient safety and quality of care;
  • Bridge the gap between the European and the local dimension, to bring out common challenges, best practices and ways of cooperation.

These conferences are organised in collaboration with local organisations active in the field of patient safety. In 2024, EUPSF has the pleasure to collaborate with with The Spanish Society for Quality (SECA); The Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of the Valencian community (Fisabio); Spanish Notification System for Safety in Anaesthesia and Resuscitation (SENSAR) and Fundación por la Investigación Docencia e Innovación en Seguridad del Paciente (FIDISP).

More about EUPSF

Each year in a different country

To drive a change for the better quality of care, we need to take into account the realities and cultural diversity of European healthcare environments. This is why the EUPSF Patient Safety Conferences, held annually in different countries, support and promote the work of local and national partners actively engaged in patient safety, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and good practice within the network and to contribute to a coordinated improvement in patient safety and quality of care across Europe.

Why join EUPSF conference

“What an incredible day it has been! I am grateful to the EUPSF for connecting us all and amplifying the visibility of our work!”

Radoslav HerdaSlovak Patient Association
We provide

✓ Knowledge and Insights

We will bring together experts, thought leaders, and researchers in the field of patient safety. Participants can gain access to cutting-edge research, best practices, and the latest advancements in patient safety initiatives in Europe. These can provide valuable insights and knowledge but also useful strategies for that help with the implementation in their own healthcare settings.

✓ Professional Development

Attending our conference can contribute to professional growth and development. Participants can enhance their understanding of patient safety concepts, acquire new skills, and stay updated on the latest trends in the field. Our conference pays a lot of attention on the implementation perspective which can provide practical tools and techniques that participants can implement in their daily work, ultimately improving patient safety outcomes.

✓ Networking Opportunities

Our conference offers a unique chance to network with professionals and peers from various European countries who share a common interest in patient safety. Participants can exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and establish connections with key stakeholders, including researchers, policymakers, healthcare practitioners, and industry representatives. These networking opportunities can lead to future collaborations and partnerships.

✓ Recognition and Visibility

We provide a platform to showcase and bring visibility to national patient safety initiatives. We will be presenting successful case studies, research findings, and innovative projects from Austria to attract attention and recognition from a diverse audience of healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers across Europe. This will offer an opportunity to share the progress, challenges, and lessons learned from other national patient safety initiatives, ultimately contributing to the collective knowledge and inspiring others to implement similar strategies in their respective countries.

✓ International Perspective

A European conference on patient safety offers participants a broader, international perspective. Participants can gain insights into different healthcare systems, policies, and approaches to patient safety across Europe. Learning from diverse experiences and understanding different cultural contexts can enrich participants’ understanding and help them implement innovative solutions in their own healthcare settings.

✓ Collaboration and Partnerships

Our conference fosters collaboration and partnership opportunities. Participants can identify potential collaborators for research projects, quality improvement initiatives, or policy advocacy efforts. The conference environment facilitates open dialogue, idea sharing, and brainstorming which can lead to fruitful collaborations with like-minded professionals.

✓ Continuing Education

Still TBC – Our conference will offer continuing education credits and certificates of attendance for Austrian participants.


Patient safety matters

Safe healthcare is a fundamental human right. Patients should be active participants in their own care, with full involvement and access to information. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case worldwide. Patient safety hinges on the engagement of patients, families, and caregivers throughout the healthcare journey. Their input is vital in policy-making, planning, performance oversight, and shared decision-making. Let's recognize the crucial contributions patients, families, and communities can make to enhance patient safety.

Patients and families as partners in safe careWant to hear more? Join our session about patient involvement titled “From passive to active: when the patient contributes to improving the quality and safety of his/her own care”

Capacity building and resource allocation are vital for patient safety. This entails developing existing capacities and investing in new ones. Examples include integrating safety into student curricula, providing ongoing safety training for healthcare professionals, and allocating sufficient resources for safe clinical practices. Additionally, capacity building extends to fostering a positive safety culture, emphasizing teamwork, quality improvement, and organizational change in safety training.

Capacity building through training and professional developmentWondering “Why and how to design a safety-oriented organization?” Do not miss our session about leadership, team and organisational performance.

“Fatigue affects everyone. After 12 h awake our empathy starts to wane, logical reasoning is harder, vigilance becomes more variable and cognitive and motor skills become worse to a point where, after 16 to 18 h of wakefulness, our performance is as bad as if we were under the influence of alcohol. Our mood deteriorates, we find it much more difficult to think flexibly and respond to quickly-changing situations, and are more likely to take risks. After the ninth consecutive hour of work the risk of being involved in an accident increases and after a 12 h shift we are twice as likely to crash driving home than after an 8 h shift.”

Fatigue in anaesthesiology - Call for a change of culture and regulations..



Get to grips with the topics that will be discussed at the conference thanks to insightful articles that will be regularly posted online.

You can also consult the 2022 conference articles in this section.

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